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Our Fabrics

Charles Martel's  high end plains are woven on jacquard looms which provide a depth and dimension to the fabric. This method cannot be accomplished on dobby looms. Our products are made from a range of novelty yarns including bouclé, spaced dyed and printed yarns. The combinations of various fibers produce sublte but elegant beauty in our fabric designs.

Cut Yardage

We offer a range of designer friendly patterns  available in cut yardage including textures, jacquards, velvets and embroideries.

Our jacquard designs utilize a range of fibers including viscose, cotton, linen, wool, poly, and acrylic.


We offer two qualities of jacquard velvets:

Epinglé, also referred to as "the cloth of kings," is a loop pile fabric with some areas of the design are left intact (uncut) while others are cut. This allows the yarn to blossom, creating a high/low effect that ultimately  becomes part of the overall design. This qulaity is exclusively Belgian.

Face-to-face velvet is a type of tufted fabric wherein two pieces of yarn are woven simultaneously and then cut as they come off the loom. This quality is produced both in Italy and in Belgium.